Brain-controlled electric car

Description of the device:

The electric car controlled with EEG signals is the latest innovation of Mindbloom developed in 2019, which allows players to control the vehicle with the help of an EEG headband.

With this technology, users simply control a digital interface with the help of their concentration/relaxation ability, which transfers signals to the car via wireless technology, which powers the electric motor. As such, we are capable of controlling the vehicle simply with our mind.

This device is actually a further developed version of an EEG device, which records brainwaves with the help of the electrodes placed on the head and earlobes of the user and immediately provides feedback on how the brain is functioning. The device transforms this and makes it visible to use by moving the vehicle.

We are able to record 9 levels of concentration thanks to our new technological development; as such, the car gradually slows down and speeds up.

The cars are able to proceed in a straight direction (may also be used on a closed circuit with bends, i.e. can be steered) and travel approximately 15-20 metres. This is accompanied by a spectacle of LED and light effects. It is possible to monitor the brainwaves in real time on the screen constituting a part of the installation.

The device was developed by MindBloom and is copyright protected.


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