Cash Box
Collect money with the power of concentration

Description of the device:

This device is the most innovative means of collecting money, which is likewise based on EEG neurofeedback technology. The headbands placed on the forehead of the players sense the intensity of brainwaves and change the speed of a fan placed at the bottom of the box. The more intensely the player concentrates the stronger the air flow inside the box and the higher the coupons and play money inside it fly. It can be played by either 1 or 2 players, depending on whether the player standing in the box has a headband on or not.

Token company coupons, money, vouchers or parts of a picture may be hidden among the flying notes, which may only be found by consciously using brainwaves and with manual skills. The player in the box collects these, selects them if necessary and places them inside the pouch attached to the player’s waist. Naturally, branding is also an option.

Recommended space: 4×2 m. The device needs to be connected to a 230 V circuit.

The device was developed by MindBloom and is copyright protected.

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